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Andres Sosa, also known as 5053x (sosex) is a Venezuelan-American engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.


5053x is an experienced Guitarist who throughout the years became a self-taught bass player and drummer, he has also taught himself to play the cuatro, charango, lap steel guitar and keyboards. 


He grew up with a strong influence of classic rock listening to bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin among others, and later he would move into the post-punk era listening to bands like The Cure, Joy Division and Durutti Column. The alternative rock scene of the 90s would make a big impact in his music, listening to bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Collective Soul and Stone Temple Pilots, just to name a few. The rock scene in Latin America would also be of great influence and definitely left a mark in his sound and style, because of the mixture of Anglo-Saxon and ethnic sounds that makes it so distinctive, all this along with the inevitable exposure to more ethnic rhythms ranging from the Afro-Caribbean sounds to andean music, would create his unique perspective towards music. 


During his 20's, Andres grew into the electronic scene, and started flirting with samplers and synthesizers, as well as DJing, and using recording and mixing equipment and software. 


Acted as singer/guitarist/programmer of his bands "Submarino" and “Dioslepague.” Submarino participated and won the 10th national battle of the bands (X Festival Nuevas Bandas) in his home country Venezuela, and Dioslepague participated in the 1st Electronic Encounter (Primer Encuentro Electrónico) in Bogotá Colombia. Both bands released important albums that still today are regarded as cult albums in the modern Venezuelan electronic music scene.

Body of work 

Song writer, producer, performer:


• Co-writer and performer on Dioslepague's "Musik Für Die Mutterapostel" (Infeliz Records/Los Insolitos,1999), "Venus Mixes" (LAE/FNB, 2001) and co-writer, producer and performer on "Bronceador"(LAE, 2003) (Available on Apple Music)


• Co-writer, performer and producer on Submarino's debut album (LAE/FNB, 2001) (Available on Apple Music)


• Co-writer and performer on Crucero's "Huracan" EP (d.a.t.a., 2006) 

• Trujillo's debut album "Daltonic Now!", laying vocal and guitar tracks, as well as co-writing the single "Daltonic Times" (LAE, 2012) (Available on Apple Music). 

• Vivian's "Firebender" EP co-writing, recording and laying guitar and bass tracks on "Mortal" and "Games" (Light Lair, 2018) (Available on Apple Music)

• Aaron Wolf's single "Better Way", as producer and mixing engineer (Aaron Wolf Music, 2019) (Available on Apple Music)

• Aaron Wolf's single "Thankful For You", as producer and mixing engineer (Aaron Wolf Music, 2020) (Available on Apple Music)

• Aaron Wolf's single "Count For Something", as producer and mixing engineer (Aaron Wolf Music, 2020) (Available on Apple Music)


Session Musician:


• Grammy Award winner Panasuyo's debut album "Monte y Culebra" laying guitar tracks on "Tierra Querida" (Available on Apple Music). 


• Sr. Mendezz's (formerly known as Panasuyo) "Papá del Panasuyo" laying guitar tracks on "Corazón y Mente", "Selva Corazón" and "En La Boca". 

Garnica's "Cae Nieve En Caracas" laying guitar tracks on "Fix Me!"

Music Director:


Pinkfonik: A Symphony Tribute to Pink Floyd, acting as music director, lead guitarist, singer and orchestral arranger. 

• ATL Collective's reliving of Radiohead's "OK Computer" (2016) and Portishead's "Dummy" (2017). 


Recent work includes recording and mixing most of the ATL Collective live performances featuring important regional and national artists such as Adron, Lera Lynn, Prisca, Eliot Bronson, Matthew Perryman Jones, The Shadowboxers, Pip The Pansy, Weisshund, Kristina TrainJamison Ross; and internationally recognized musicians such as Bernard Purdie (James Brown Band), John "Jabo" Starks (James Brown Band, B.B. King), and Fred Wesley (James Brown Band, Parliament-Funkadelic). 


5053x is currently the producer for Colombian recording artist Diana Mar. Over the years he has been spotted engineering at various clubs and venues throughout Atlanta and Nashville, as well as on tour with national and international performing acts such as K Michelle, Blackbear, Thundercat, Kali Uchis, STS9, and Baby Rose.

Andres Sosa, Audio Engineer
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